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4 Sep 2020 @oatly END your partnership with Blackstone. Brands must stop investing in companies that further the deforestation of the Amazon (looking at  14 Jul 2020 Replying to @oatly @FredrikGertten. By virtue of being a Blackstone investment, we push the leading player in private equity to think about the  21 Jul 2020 The complexities of the debate into sustainability were laid bare recently with the investment made by Blackstone Group into Oatly, the rapidly  14 Jul 2020 Oatly, maker of oatmilk, has received $200 million in equity led by Blackstone Growth. Additional investors in the funding round include Oprah  5 Sep 2020 The Blackstone Group part own companies (Hidrovias do Brazil and Pátria Investimento) who are responsible for Amazon deforestation. Add in  7 Sep 2020 And I can't disagree with Oatly choosing Blackstone as an investor to be controversial, but, from a consumer point of view, I do not think that it is  14 Jul 2020 Global law firm White & Case LLP has advised Oatly and its million equity investment in Oatly by a group of investors led by Blackstone Growth. 15 Sep 2020 Sustainable oat milk brand Oatly is facing criticism and delistings over its choice of investment from Blackstone, a private equity firm with  Investments from firms like Blackstone in companies like Oatly is a critical step in securing a future of focused green investment that transcends traditional CSR work and focuses on urgent, systemic efforts to address the climate crisis,” said Petersson.

Blackstone oatly

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However, they also decided to take funds from Blackstone (who now own 10% of Oatly, the largest single investor in the round). Weeks after Oatly announces its $200M investment, they have been criticised for taking funds from Blackstone Group who allegedly fund Amazon deforestation and have donated $3.7M to Trump’s re-election campaign. Oatly responded critcism directly on Twitter, respecting people’s concerns and replying directly to them. 2020-07-20 Oatly is facing backlash after selling a stake to Blackstone, which is connected to Amazon deforestation, Donald Trump and America’s housing crisis. Laura Young, whose tweet … In 2019, the Blackstone Group financed companies that contributed to deforestation in the Amazon – not something Oatly consumers thought aligned with the brand’s ethos. At the time, a spokesperson for Oatly said they were hoping ‘their investment in Oatly will set an example and create a ripple effect in the financial community.

Oatly har nu hoppat i säng med världens största kapitalfond, Blackstone Group.

Blackstone och en grupp andra investerare Oatly börsen

Oatly har nu hoppat i säng med världens största kapitalfond, Blackstone Group. Oatlys eget försvar för att ta emot Blackstones pengar är att de åtminstone ger dem ett gott hem. 200 miljarder dollar till havremjölk är 200  Dokumentärfilmaren Fredrik Gertten kritiserar Oatlys samarbete med amerikanska Blackstone. Oatlys vd Toni Petersson svarar att ”vi är fullt medvetna om  OTTO Oatly investerare — så Amerikanska mediauppgifter säger att Oatly siktar på för investerare, Oatly investerare Jonas Persson Follin, Det  Oatly säkrar jättebelopp genom prestigegrupp Mediemogulen Oprah Winfrey är en av investerarna i Blackstone-gruppen.

Blackstone oatly

Därför valde Oatly Blackstone

Blackstone and Oprah Winfrey buy into oat milk group Oatly. Funding round that includes Jay-Z’s Roc Nation values Swedish oat milk maker at roughly $2bn. Oatly, founded in the 1990s, Oatly har gjort sig kända för sin ”brand identity”. Nyligen skapade företaget igen nyheter när de tog in enorma riskkapitalbolaget Blackstone som investerare. Oatly replied, saying their investment from Blackstone may be an “unexpected choice”, but saying the investment “will help us expand our sustainable mission and create more plant-based Oatly ägs (december 2019) av det belgiska [7] investmentbolaget Verlinvest, det kinesiska statsägda [8] bolaget China Resources, Industrifonden, Östersjöstiftelsen, grundarna och ytterligare privata ägare, däribland anställda. [9] [10] [1] Sedan juli 2020 så är även riskkapitaljätten Blackstone delägare.

Oatly‏ @oatly 14 Jul 2020 We recognize that choosing Blackstone it is not the partnership that people expect, but we have made this choice  Oatly kritiseras – tar in pengar från Blackstone - Expressen — Blackstone strider mot allt Oatly står för när det gäller hållbarhet, säger  The Filmmaker, Fredrik Gertten and The Advocate, Leilani Farha discover that a plant-based milk company, Oatly, sold 10% of the company to Blackstone for  Riskkapitalbolaget Blackstone blir delägare i Oatly.
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Blackstone oatly

Now Oatly fans are threatening  8 Feb 2021 Oatly signed a $200 million deal with Blackstone this summer and is now mulling over a potential $10 billion IPO. Perhaps in 2014, Oatly had  9 Sep 2020 Oatly received $200 million in funding this summer from a group headed by private equity firm Blackstone. Others in the group include Oprah  13. Jan. 2021 Oatly-Chef Toni Petersson will die Lebensmittelbranche aufmischen. Der Einstieg der Investors Blackstone hat allerdings das Image  30 Sep 2020 Oatly has recently faced a public backlash after selling a €200m stake to private equity giant Blackstone.

Blackstone figurerar som ”asätare” i Fredrik Gerttens dokumentär Push (2019), som visar hur  Ytterligare ett kritiserat bolag sällar sig till ägare av Oatly. Riskkapitaljätten Blackstone Group går in med 200 miljoner dollar, motsvarande 1,8  Here's why oat milk is the one plant-based milk to rule them all. Oatly förlorar sin identitet och själ, säger han.
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Att hitta en källa till pengar att investera när det inte finns några.

People are angry because Blackstone, largest alternative investment firm in the world, does not exactly align itself with many of Oatly’s fans and customers who often share more liberal views. Oatly uppges ha bjudit in till möte med Malmös kaffebarer i syfte att vinna tillbaka kunder, enligt dokumentärfilmaren Fredrik Gertten. Gertten har tidigare skrivit i Sydsvenskan om affären mellan riskkapitalfirman Blackstone och Oatly.

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In July 2020, a private equity firm called the Blackstone Group bought 10 percent  14 Jul 2020 Oatly, a Swedish sustainable food company, received $200m in equity investment. The deal was led by Blackstone Growth with participation  14 Sep 2020 Oatly has seen a backlash from consumers over claims it is contributing to deforestation, after it sold a stake to a private equity firm Blackstone. 4 Sep 2020 @oatly END your partnership with Blackstone. Brands must stop investing in companies that further the deforestation of the Amazon (looking at  14 Jul 2020 Replying to @oatly @FredrikGertten.

Amidst all of the adoration, Oatly has faced  1 Sep 2020 In July, Oatly sold a $200m stake to a group led by Blackstone, a private investment firm owned by a major Republican Party donor with ties to  2 Sep 2020 Oatly faces protests over decision to sell a stake to Blackstone, a private equity firm blamed for contributing to deforestation in the Amazon. 26 Feb 2021 Aside from its controversial backer Blackstone, Oatly has received funding from Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z's Roc Nation company, Hollywood actor  1 Sep 2020 Oatly, a Swedish company that makes oat-based versions of milk, ice in its business to a group led by Blackstone, an investment firm that has  14 Jul 2020 For Blackstone's newly minted head of growth investments, Jon Korngold, the deal for Oatly is representative of the types of commitments his  20 Jul 2020 Oatly - the plant-based milk alternative that rose to prominence in the US and around the world because the product itself is 'kinder to the  31 Aug 2020 Sustainable oat milk brand Oatly sparked outrage on Twitter due to newinvestors Blackstone and its ties to the Amazon's deforestation.