Toyota corolla loud noise when accelerating -


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Starter screeching on startup

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Sound cannot be replicated till engine is cold My S3 is making a screeching noise on start up. The noise lasts about 1 second (2 at most). It doesn't happen every time I start uphaven't been able to identify anything particular about the times it does screech.

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Although the situation isn’t necessarily dire, belts, pulleys, and tensioners are what keep your engine and other components running properly, and damage to one of them is … Trya having a friend start the engine while you listen under the hood to try to determine where the screeching is originating from. In addition to a loose belt making noise in cold weather, noise can also originate from the bearing sof any of the driven components, including the tensioner, the alternator, the power steering pump, and idler pulleys. I spent hours without success trying to get the old starter out. Brought it to a shop and had the new one installed.

Starter screeching on startup

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My car makes a screeching noise for about 10 seconds when i first turn on the car and when I'm making sharp turns either side. I opened the hood one day to diagnose the problem and i found that when i first start the car (cold start) the power steering pump belt, which is connected to the steering pump pulley, would make a screeching noise on start up for about ten seconds. When the engine is cold and I start the car up, it makes a screeching grinding sound. If I am driving around somewhere and I stop the car and startup it does not make the sound. If I park the car for a few hours, and re-start the car, then again I get the noise again. As a workaround, when I start the car, I let go of the key quickly after starting.

This happens on cold starts only.
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Starter screeching on startup

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Pull the starter and spin it while not engaging the engine to see if the screeching is in the starter or if it is in the engine.
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My vehicle starts fine but at the very end of turn on before reading key, there's a small screeching sound. Like a 2 second time frame.

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